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This book is STILL receiving exceptional reviews from leading figures in the equestrian world including Yogi Breisner and Tina Cook, as well as support from the equestrian press. So it you have a horse out of training or are about to embark on re-training one, then you may consider that this is a book you should be having? 

Ownership of the horse out of training is proving to be as popular as ever. These usually wonderfully natured horses are so versatile and can turn their hooves to just about anything - provided of course a specific injury does not preclude this.

However the retraining process does not always run smoothly so when we were asked if we would write a book - in the light of our vast experience and in our [then] capacity as Training Consultants to the Retaining of Racehorses Charity -  we agreed as it provided an opportunity to provide help to more people.


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What to expect in "Re-Educating Racehorses - A Life After Racing":

"A superbly illustrated (colour photographs) fully comprehensive book guides the reader through the process of acquiring and subsequently re-training a racehorse. It provides an in-depth look at what life was like for the horse at the racing yard and how through correct training and education you can train your horse to become a happy adjusted athlete ready for everyday equestrian activities.

Contents include:
  • What to consider when re-homing a racehorse out of training
  • Under New Management – how to ensure a smooth transition
  • Feeding and Nutrition – how diet affects performance
  • Working from the ground – a detailed look at the importance of ground training
  • Re-schooling – what is required of you and your horse"
The Foreward has been written by International Dressage Judge, David Trott, who has said the book is of value to anyone training any horse, not just those retraining a racehorse.
Yogi Briesner and Tina Cook have said it is truly inspirational and clearly written by those with a great knowledge, understanding and experience of equine traniing:
We would also like to hear your comments too. Enjoy.
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