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Unusual - and unpronounceable too!



Racehorses Ronaldo and Crseven
Is that Ronaldo on the outside or Crseven?
 Photo courtesy of Pixabat


Horse names have always been a little unusual, but then some are far more bizarre than others. We can only hope that when the horses below began their life after racing, their new owners kept their racehorse names. Imagine walking to the stables and saying ‘good morning Covfefe.’ We can’t either!    



Now this first one takes the absolute biscuit. In truth, it’s funniest when said in a pirate’s voice. This American horse ran a winning race in Saratoga in 2008 and the commentator was, how shall we say, really into it.

Tom Durkin gave one of the most memorable race commentaries in history, going full pirate each and every time he said the horse’s name. Magic!



When you hear the name Ronaldo, you think of a Portuguese footballer who has won almost every trophy imaginable. What you don’t think of is a racehorse, right? Well, while there are two other horses with his actual name, Ronaldo and Rio Ronaldo, this particular horse is named after the footballer’s brand name, CR7.

The horse actually has nothing to do with Ronaldo himself, but is owned by a group in the US. The group also own a horse called Gronkowski (the hockey legend) and Lebron J (after a certain basketballer). What next? Neymar?



Don’t worry, we’re not even going to go there. Suffice to say, this word was never a word until a very famous American used it on Twitter and then proclaimed that it was a word. The covfefe craze caught on, the owners of this horse took up the reins (sorry), and the word went down in racing history.

Covfefe was a debut winner at Churchill Downs in September 2018 and has been in impressive form in 2019. Still not a word though, is it?



If you like your music, then you’ll know immediately what the above name means. For the rest of us, then it might take a moment. This filly raced at Belmont where that guy Tom Durkin was once again calling the race.

If you enjoyed his pirate voice, then you’ll love how he called this race. Durkin burst into song on several occasions throughout the race and left racing fans in hysterics.

Honorable (or dishonorable) mentions go to the wonderfully named Fiftyshadesofhay, Harass, Another Horse, and Thewifedoesntknow, who actually raced against a horse named Mywifenoseverything. What a time to be alive.




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