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Fred and Rowena Cook


Equine Management and Training provide a complete management and training service for
horses whether starting the young horse, training the older horse or carrying out
rehabilitative or remedial schooling.



WITH a Father that trained it is little wonder that Fred developed his love of racing at an early age and it was expected that he would follow in his Father's footsteps but far from it. After leaving school Fred wanted to broaden his horizons and experiences in other equestrian activities so he began working his way through hunting, pointing, show jumping and eventing yards gaining a vast knowledge managing and training a wide range of horses with different temperaments and behaviour which was to put him in good stead for the future - although he did not know it at the time. Fred also became a keen competitor on the show jumping and team chasing circuits, 

FRED's skills with horses particularly when working them from the ground did not go unnoticed but the passion for racing remained so despite being offered numerous opportunities, Fred had a complete change of direction and spent the next few years in various positions within the racing industry.   

HOWEVER as time wore on Fred once again wanted to work with young horses, return to producing his own and pick up on helping others get the best out of theirs. It was time for yet another change of direction and go it alone. 


BORN into a family that had absolutely no connection with or interest in horses, Rowena was a typical "I want a pony" little girl so at the age of 4½ years riding lessons commenced.  Far from the enthusiasm waning [as the family hoped] it was heightened, so finally the first pony arrived and she has never looked back.  Pony became ponies despite being banned from the local Pony Club because they were too feisty; then, ponies became horse and in spite of the demands of a highly academic education, horse became horses.  The many trials, tribulations and tears along the way with some difficult horses put Rowena on a very steep learning curve; exasperated at being unable to find truly experienced people who could help, Rowena embarked on a journey of studying alternative training methods to find the answers she needed, something which would prove to be of great benefit in the future. 

WHILST keeping up with the academics by studying law [and psychology] and the working as a PA in the legal profession, Rowena rode out for local trainers which gave her an invaluable insight into the world of the racehorse which was also to prove very beneficial. Rowena has an insatiable appetite to learn and is always studying and attending courses in order to satisfy the quest to broaden her knowledge and experience not just in all matters equine but within other spheres too.


WHEN the paths of Fred and Rowena crossed, with the shared passion for horses, their training and welfare, what started as a personal relationship developed into a business relationship - Equine Management and Training was born. Fred and Rowena abound with evident passion and an infectious enthusiasm, working in great harmony with the combined aim of continually evolving their skills so as to always offer the very best service to clients and their horses. 


Fred and Rowena Cook of Equine Management and Training


About Equine Management and Training

TRAINING horses is much more than teaching them to be riding horses. The welfare of each horse is always the number one priority; working with horses that are happy and contented is very important so every aspect of their of their physical and psychological welfare is extremely important and a very real part of the process. A great emphasis is placed on assessing, and addressing every aspect of management in the most minute detail to ensure nothing, however inconsequential is may seem, is overlooked; management and training go hand in glove.  

THE rehabilitation and training provided by Equine Management and Training comprises very specialised, individual retraining and progressive schooling programmes. They work with vets and leading practitioners from around the country. They are also involved in product research and development as well as veterinary and therapy studies which helps to keep us at the forefront of advances across the equestrian industry.

WITH Fred's great love of the thoroughbred and racing, and the vast knowledge that he and Rowena have of all aspects of the thoroughbred, its management and training, it was a natural progression to become more and more involved with the re-training of horses that have left the racing environment;. Involvement with the Retraining of Racehorsess (RoR) began soon after it was established in 2000 with Fred and Rowena taking the role of Training Consultants and running the “Ask the Experts” service which provided help, advice and support for ex-racehorse owners until February 2016, making them the longest serving members of the Team [to date]. 

IT will come as no surprise that their book "Re-Educating Racehorses – A Life After Racing”, as recommended by Yogi Breisner, Tina Cook and David Trott amongst others, is a best-seller.  

OVER the years Fred and Rowena have built up an extensive client base extending all over the UK. They have a great reputation for their knowledge and skills in handling and training difficult, temperamental and very sensitive horses finding  solutions where others have seemingly failed.   

Equine Management and Training are recommended by:

Yogi Breisner (World Class Performance Manager and BE Manager)
Clive Cox Racing
James Given Racing
Richard Phillips Racing
Brendan Powell Racing
Alex Hales Racing
Liz Prowting Racing/Hannah Bishop (Racing Manager)
Jenny Hall, Fornerly Chief Veterinary Officer to the British Horseracing Authority (BHA)
Carol Clarkson, BHA Veterinary Administrator & Facility Manager, CRS, Newmarket
BRS Newmarket
Shadwell Stud
Normandie Stud
Used by numerous others but client confidentiality has to be respected. 

Also recommended by International Dressage Riders & Trainers Paul Hayler & Matthew Cox 


What Equine Management and Training can do for you and your horse

OUR philosophy and training approach may not be to everyone's liking and we are fully aware of this; we all have, and are perfectly entitled to have, our own viewpoint. However, if like us, you want your horse to be a happy, relaxed, contented, enthusiastic worker, then we are on the same wavelength!

PLEASE have a good browse through this website which will provide you with an insight into our approach to the training and management of the horses entrusted into our care. 


  • THE whole basis of our training methods is that of a partnership built on trust, understanding and respect.  
  • OUR training works in harmony with the equine psyche
  • THE nature and temperament of a horse is always the number one consideration ensuring that each horse is truly managed and trained as the individual that it is.  .
  • WE produce horses that are confident, forward going and polite whilst retaining (or building, as the case may be) a happy character who is full of personality and presence.   


 working a horse on the lunge 

HORSES are taken at any stage of their training and development - whether effectively un-handled, just commencing basic ground training or already progressed to ridden work, whether they require corrective or progressive training or exhibit anti-social behaviour and lack politeness.

AGE is no barrier to schooling and training provided the horse in question is in work. And we are also happy to take stallions.


Please note: HORSES are not taken for less than 4 weeks. 


Here is a summary of our services:-

schooling a horse - trot work
- Ground Training, Backing and Schooling 
- Re-schooling and Corrective Training
- Dressage and Jumping Training
- Retraining for Racehorses
- Preparation of Horses going into Training
- Therapy and Rehabilitation after Injury and Illness
- Management Advice
- Training Advice
- Training assessments for both horse and rider


 WE also offer Video Analysis:[Consultancy]

- live too far away to come for a Horse and Rider Assessment?
- live too far away to send your horse to us?
- would love to send your horse for a while but £ prohibitive?

WHY NOT  send us a Video/DVD of ground work and ridden work so that we can then offer constructive advice? What could be better than your own private one-to-one consultation? Please visit the Consultancy/Analysis page for further information or get in touch.  Details of contact options are on the Contact E.M.T. page. 


WE are also involved in a a Racehorse Rehoming scheme.
Please visit www.alifeafterracing.org.uk for full details on how ex-racehorses can enter the Scheme and have a secure future. 



If you are considering discussing your horse's training with us with a view to us working with him/her in the coming months, then we strongly recommend that you contact us without delay to make a reservation as our diary rapidly fills.

Fees and Expenses

OUR training fees are inclusive of full livery expenses and are very competitive - you will be pleasantly surprised. Fees are variable depending on exactly what training your horse requires and how long its stay with us will be so please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

INVOICES for training fees can be settled by BACS or credit card. Cheques by prior approval. 


THERE IS  a little confusion regarding the interpretation of aspects of the "Passport law". However DEFRA is quite clear in that the Passport should be with the keeper (who is not necessarily the owner) of a horse. Consequently we request that we are in possession of a valid, updated passport for horses that come to us as they will be here for several weeks or so.


WE recommend that horses are insured. Equine Management and Training has comprehensive public liability cover.



WE DO NOT undertake horse transport - WE DO NOT OFFER THIS AS PART OF OUR SERVICE.

HOWEVER we can recommend several transporters based around the country who have the relevant training, licences and insurances.


WE are based just outside Stamford adjacent to Burghley Park and a matter of minutes from the A1.

And Finally:-

IF you wish to contact us, full details can be found on the "Contact E.M.T." page.


IT is recommended that your read our Disclaimers.



PLEASE do not hesitate to contact us, by email or telephone, for further information or to
discuss your requirements. Better still why not pay us a visit (by prior arrangement please)?



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