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T h e  E q u i - a m i   L u n g e  a n d   R i d i n g  A i d s

These two training aids are fully trialed and now recommended, especially for those who are not so experienced at training horses and thus will benefit from the positive assistance these training aids afford both on the ground and under saddle.

Please click on the link to access the full review.


                                     The Equi-ami Lunge and Riding Aids


E q u i p l u s  b r i n g s  y o u  E q u i - N - I c e T h e r a p y 

This company has developed a unique cooling system for horses in the shapes of bandages, travel boots and a rug which draws heat away from the body instead of driving in cold as is normally the case with "cooling products"..

The optimum reduction of the temperature of the body and the dissipation of heat in limbs (tendons and joints) has always been a challenge particularly for racehorse trainers, event and endurance riders but with the advent of much hotter summers the rest of the equestrian community is also finding heat a problem.

But now with some wonderful products from Equiplus keeping your horse cool or reducing heat in legs need no longer be a problem.

"Equi-N-icE therapy - Cold therapy for horses, more effective and quicker to apply than traditional equine therapies".


E q u i - N - I c e  C o o l i n g  B a n d a g e s 

 We say "A brilliant idea which is simple and very effective".

These innovative bandages not only reduce swellings and take out heat but also help to prevent injuries in the first place.

Cooler wraps


What a simple product to use - great for a busy yard and a must for competition horses.

You don't always know when a horse is going to have some heat in his leg or some swelling so it is fantastic that you don't have to put them in the fridge and wait for 2-3 hours before you can use them - just simply spray the bandages with a special Coolant and use!

After use, just pop them back in the airtight, resealable foil packet until next time. The bandages are re-charged and so just spray again with the Coolant when required.

The Coolant is completely safe to use as it is non-toxic and a non-irritant to both horse and human alike.



The bandages are also good to use as a precautionary measure if a horse has been worked on ground that is a little firm or has been eventing or showjumping. Just pop the bandages on and travel the horse home in them.

E q u i - N - I c e  R a p i d  C o o l i n g  R u g 

 We say "This a must for any hardworking horse".

A conventional cooler relies on air convection for cooling a horse but the Rapid Cooler Rug combines this with evaporation too thereby maximising the cooling of the horse as quickly as possible.

The rug is made from a Coolmax® fabric which is known for its ‘cool’ properties in reducing skin temperature in human athletes. This coupled with the rug being treated with a special Coolant which encourages evaporation from all over the horse’s body, makes this a produce second to none for safely cooling a hot or over-heated horse down quickly and effectively.

Cooler rug


Another innovative product which should be in every tackroom and horsebox. The speed with which even the hottest horse is cooled down is remarkable.

It is a very simple product to use. The rug, which folds into the tiniest bundle imaginable, is placed in a small box (which is provided) and then sprayed with the special Coolant. After a few shakes of the box, remove the rug and put onto the horse. Easy!

We have been very impressed with the rug's effectiveness particularly on hot days with horses standing on horseboxes at competitions when fresh-air flow is limited in horsebox parks.



We were unfortunate enough to have a horse go into anaphylactic shock following, as we established later, a sting to the inside of his mouth.  The onset of profuse sweating and staggers was very rapid and very alarming as we did not know at the time what had actually caused this. The Rapid Cooler Rug proved itself to be invaluable that day as although it did not stop the sweating, it actually kept the horse cool and prevented him from over-heating. We were at a dressage competition at the time but fortunately at a venue only 20 minutes from home so by the time we got back to the yard the emergency vet was waiting. Following 10 litres of saline and treatment for ERS symptoms the little horse was fine within 24 hours.


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