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Thinline Saddle Pads and Boots


WE are very pleased to be involved with Thinline as this allows us to bring the ultimate in comfort for you and your horse. Hopefully you have read "Every horse deserves Thinline - here's why" which explains why we are so enthused about Thinline and more about the products..

THERE is quite a range to choose from so below we set out some of the most popular options:.  

The Basic Contour Pad

- Available in Black or White

- 1/4" thickness providing maximum shock absorption giving ultimate protection and unparalleled comfort for your horse 

- Recommended for dressage and low impact activities or where there is bespoke saddle fit  

- This pad is also available as a half pad  

thinline contour pad

 Thinline Contour Half Pad









 The Ultra Thinline Pad

- Available in Black or White

- 3/16" thickness

- Recommended for dressage and low impact activities or where there is bespoke saddle fit  

- This pad is also available as a half pad 

About the Ultra Thinline Pad

  Thinline Ultra Half Pad









 The Trifectra Half Pad

- Ultra thinline on a cotton base

- These pads have a wither profile and spine free channel for added comfort.

- Available in black, white, brown and natural

- Option of with or without sheepskin rolls or fully sheepskin lined

- These pads are shimmable with front, rear and/or bridging shims. A full-length shim is also available which allows for increasing the thickness of the pad as a whole or for building up just one side in cases of more significant atrophy. 

thinline half pad Thinline Shims









Saddle Pads

- Ultra thinline on a cotton base. 

- Available in black, white and navy.

- Comes in Dressage, Jumping and Shaped

- The Dressage Square has a full sheepskin lined option

thinline shimable pad

Shaped Thinline Saddle Pad










Thinline Boots

The Cobra Boot [left] and the Sports Boot [right]

- The Cobra is equivalent to a sports medicine boot only slimmer providing full leg protection and valuable tendon support whilst the Sports boot can be used for any discipline..

- Available in black or white.

Thinline Cobra protective front boots for horses

 Thinline Sports Boot








For further information about Thinline products please read: http://www.www.equinetraining.co.uk/images/pdf/thinline.pdf



  1. All products are available at 10% - 15% off the website prices

  2. We order monthly so depending on stock availability with the Distributor your product will be with you as soon as within 2 weeks or may take 4 weeks. 

  3. Decide on the product you would like.

  4. Either email [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.], message us on Facebook or call 01780-740773 to place your order [confirmed by making payment via BACS, Credit Card or Paypal] and that's it!



To view the full range of Thinline products please visit www.thinlineglobal.eu

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