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Consultancy and Analysis


WE HAVE long offered a video consultancy service for those who live abroad or too far away within the UK to work with us in person. With the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic this is something that a huge number of trainers across the equestrian sphere now also offer. 

HOWEVER what has stood apart with regards to direct interaction with our clients and their horses remains through our video consultancy - that of our vast knowledge, experience and empathy with horses and the ability to see and detect what others do not. The attention to the most minute of detail does not go away just because we are watching videos and/or scanning photographs.   We say photographs as we do ask to see static images as well as video.. 

How does our video consultancy work?

ONCE you have got in touch to seek help and advice a Consultancy Questionnaire will be sent to you for completion so that we have to hand information regarding your horse and  issue or issues you require help with.

THE Questionnaire will also detail what photographs and video footage we require [depending on the nature of the help you require]. If easier, rather than submit photographs the static images we require can be included within the video footage.

VIDEOS can be submitted via whatsapp or the file sharing facility via Dropbox so that video length is not an issue.

WE WILL acknowledge receipt and then get to work viewing and analysing. A written Report will then be sent to you detailing our findings. Depending on the level of help/support/guidance you require the Report will contain variable degrees of suitable advice and recommendations.  The submission of further videos [and our Reports thereon] can be on-going for as long as our input in required so if initially Level ! Analysis is adopted, this can be readily upgraded.  



VIDEOS can also be discussed via Zoom so that we can watch and discuss videos at the same time. 

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