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Equine Management and Training - Sponsors and Supporters


We are pleased to confirm sponsorship or support from the following Companies.

  If you would like to join them we will be most pleased to hear from you. 



Harry Dabbs Saddlery

- the ultimate in comfort and design allowing for optimum performance from your horse.

Thermatex Rugs

- technologically advanced wicking fabrics with a worldwide reputation


- a range of products revolutionising horse healthcare due to their anitbacterial properties

Neue Schule

Ergonomically designed bits to suit all mouths, disciplines and levels of training. 

FMBs Therapy Systems

The Professionals Choice for massage, pulsed electromagnetic, laser and cold therapy for horses, rider and dogs.
To read why we use and recommend FMBS - please click here

John Sharp Nutrition

Nutrition designed for the thoroughbred


Rachel Burton Sports Therapy

The complete therapy package in one 

Zebra Products

The UK distributors for Sprenger bits.  Sprenger bits are anatomically designed and improve the horses comfort. Made from Aurigan or Sensogan these bits encourage salivation and relaxation of the jaw thus helping to develop an elastic contact. With a huge range there is no horse that cannot be comfortably bitted.

Equine Exceed

Optimum Health and Performance Products for Horses - a powerful but  completely natural selection of Nitric Oxide products for horses.

Bedmax Shavings

Durable dustfree shavings which provide a comfortable yet very supportive bed.


An innovative training aid which works in total harmony with the horse - no force, no pressure, no restraint - to help horses develop the right muscles ultimately leading to self-carriage.  Options for lunge work and ridden work.  


A super hoof balm to keep the hooves healthy all year round no mater what the weather 

Swish Horse Rugs

A range of high quality rugs at sensible prices.







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