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Rehoming Racehorses - A Life After Racing 

The majority of retired racehorses can go on to lead an active life outside racing for many years. Rehoming Racehorses finds ex racehorses the right homes so that they can have A Life After Racing.

For many years we have successfully re-homed ex-racehorses but we have now put into effect a much more organised operation within Equine Management and Training to help racehorse trainers and owners ensure their horses really do find the right homes once they leave they the training environment. 





"To give racehorses A Life After Racing" once their racing career has come to an end".


HAVING been asked to write a book on the subject of retraining racehorses


REALISTICALLY trainers cannot be expected to keep horses for indefinite periods of time whilst they recover and many owners do not have facility to take their horses home; with both parties ultimately being in the game to have runners yet being aware of their responsibilities with regards to a horse’s welfare, what is the answer? 

  • A Life After Racing provides rest, rehabilitation, retraining and re-homing of horses that have come out of training thus relieving trainers and owners of the re-homing headache.

  • A Life After Racing is primarily for the benefit of the racing industry taking horses straight out of training to ensure they have the best possible start in their new life. 

  • “A Life After Racing” is not a Home of Rest or Sanctuary so monies will not be incurred by horses that cannot be re-homed for whatever reason. 
    Horses will not be kept just for the sake of it; if a horse is not responding to treatment and/or training after a reasonable length of time, then "A Life After Racing" will not continue to fund such horse - it will be passed into the care of another organisation or a decision made with regards euthanasia if that is deemed to be the most appropriate option on welfare grounds.
  • Some horses, due to their nature and temperament, require a longer transitional phase from racehorse to riding horse. Such horses will remain in our care for as long as is deemed necessary to facilitate re-homing. 
  • For horses that have come out of training due to injury, particularly to a tendon, recovery is a lengthy process of box-rest and in-hand walking prior to any rehabilitative exercise being undertaken; thus it is extremely difficult for a trainer to make a reasoned decision as to re-homing until the horse is sound and working again. 

  • A Life After Racing” will not take in horses that are clearly welfare cases; these will be passed to another organisation which can effect prosecution if so warranted.

  • A Life After Racing" will take in horses that are deemed to be vulnerable.

  • No horse will be sold by “A Life After Racing”

  • Horses are rehomed under the conditions of a strict rehoming policy.; 

Rehoming Racehorses - A Life After Racing differs from other rehoming organisations in that we do not rehome any horse to persons we do have a connection with either directly or through friends, colleagues or associates. This better enables us to ensure horses go to the best possible homes with people who are genuinely passionate about the ex-racehorse. 


There are two requirements:

- a donation will be made

- horses are to be signed over into the ownership of "A Life After Racing"  so that its future welfare can be guaranteed.  

IN DUE COURSE we will apply for charity status as it will enable us to have a stronger voice in respect of welfare issues in particular. But let's see how things go over the forthcoming months but certainly as present interest is running very high and we have homed some lovely horses. .





Formerly trained by Jane Chapple-Hyam Judgey had a spell at the British Racing School before he was passed to us for rehoming. . ex-racehorse JudgetheMoment

We started his basic retaining and it soon became very clear that with his his good conformation and presence there was only one route for this little horse - the show ring.

So we were absolutely delighted when the successful showing rider and Judge, Claire Blackham, asked if she could home him.

 Winning ex-racehorse JudgetheMoment



In the capable hands of Team Langman Judgey is doing extremely well on the show circuit and winning at county level.


His success is testament to what an ex-racehorse can achieve when homed with an experienced person.





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For more information about retraining a racehorse please read the information provided within this website under
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And if you would like to know more about the book we have written please visit A Life After Racing 




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