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WE are routinely asked what supplements we use to aid with the general health and welfare of the horses in our care.  We have to be honest and say that as the horses are on management regimes which promote their general health/welfare and have balanced diets with forage and hard feeds provided by first-class companies using and producing quality products there is no need for us to add anything else to the diet; we do not add in scoop after scoop of a bit of this, that and the other purely because it’s what so many other people do and advertising tells we should. However obviously there are situations which necessitate dietary supplementation such as when a horse needs assistance for example when it has a proven deficiency or an ailment. In these instances we turn to Equine Exceed

THERE is a huge array of products on the market with companies battling to acquire their share of sales but what makes Equine Exceed our number 1?
WE are not impressed by “celebrity” endorsements ….. and let’s face it, most people will put together a favourable review if they have been or are being given something for free! Having said that though does anyone really believe that David Beckham uses Brylcreem or that Denis Van Outen buys her clothes from Matalan!  Equine Exceed do not pull in the big names or fill equestrian publications with advertising … they let the success of the products do the talking.
WHEN  Equine Science first launched by Deborah Gibbins it was primarily the use of L-Arginine which helps produce Nitric Oxide (NO) which caught our attention. This is such a vital molecule in the body regulating the life cycle of cells, acting as vasodilator, stimulating immune system responses, neutrotransmission as well as being valuable in the transportation of nutrients around the body. Due to further research one or two other companies have followed suit and now also incorporate NO in their products. That the products work to enhance the body's natural functions was another plus.  Over the past 14 years [it seems much longer] we have watched Equine Exceed evolve from Equine Science [as it used to be known] to the business it is now with a range of well-established product favourites across the equestrian disciplines including racing.
PLEASE READ more about Nitric Oxide.:  
  •  All products are made with 100% natural ingredients. We do not like administering chemical formulations if this can be avoided as they are too harsh and disrupt the balances of the delicate gut flora.
  • The ingredients used are fully traceable and quality assured.
  • Natural they may be but this does not equate to competition legal. With products from Equine Exceed
  • We can be sure that nothing in the product range contains any ingredients that are prohibited by the FEI and racing industry.
  • Equine Exceed are responsible for their own manufacturing so have total control ensuring the quality of each and every product
  • The service from Equine Exceed is a very personal one with care taken to ensure that the right product is used in a given situation. This also means that you will be given advice specific to your horse taking into account its age, weight and type as well as the circumstances triggering the need for any product to be given.
  • The team are readily available to provide support and advice. Achieving a healthy, happy horse can take time but Team Xceed are on hand to help you with the journey.
Popular products from Equine Exceed
ADMITTEDLY the Xceed range is not the cheapest on the market and granted just because a product has a higher price tag does not equate to it doing what it says on the tin but equally with cheap products the ingredient quality is just not there and too often even when fed in large amounts the % of the active ingredients is so low as to actually be non-effective [the difference between taking a 150mg painkiller to a 500mg one]. Yes, we are well aware that we will be shouted down by an army of devotees to other products but we must speak as we find and we opt for quality every time. Some products, like some of the “calming” products on the market work because they work for the owner and not actually the horse! 
EQUINE EXCEED have a great range of products to assist with keeping your horse in tip-top shape so that he can perform at this best.  Below we feature the most commonly used and provide you with a convenient link directly to the right place on the Equine Exceed website. 


LONG BEFORE the rest of the equestrian world began to take heed we were advising that horses suffered from gastric ill-health just as people do and "yes" this meant that their horses could indeed have gastric ulcers.  Typically the ulceration is in the stomach but can be present elsewhere along the digestive tract.

ULCERS are not at all pleasant and can account for:
Gastro Pro
  • grooming sensitivity
  • girthing sensitivity
  • general change in behaviour
  • dull coat
  • restlessness
  • general grumpiness
  • stomach bloating
  • loose droppings
  • mild colic
  • poor performance particular in the canter transitions

Powered by Nitric Oxide production from the active ingredient L-Arginine PLUS the added benefit of Prebiotics Gastro PRO™ is the ultimate support for a healthy gut including the hind gut. 

 AT EQUINE MANAGEMENT AND TRAINING we like and recommend Gastro Pro because: 
  •  it works in harmony with the horse’s gastric, colonic and digestive system so does not upset or kill off the vital gut microbes.
  •  It contains prebiotics
  •  It works on gut irritations throughout the entire gastric system including the hind gut.
  •  It is not an acid suppressant unlike many “ulcer” products; instead it serves to encourage the natural production of mucus to line the stomach and buffer acid along the digestive tract.
  • It utilizes the body's own healing abilities and solutions without chemicals which ultimately have a negative effect on the body 
  • It promotes the production of NO which is known to promote self-healing of gastric ulcers and help guard against ulcers developing … hence the maintenance product option is very useful for horses which despite best management practises are ulcer-prone. 
  • Horse like it!
GASTRO PRO is actually part of a 3-step programme to improve the digestive health of your horse.  Gastro Pro is very powerful so is designed to be used for just one month.  This can be followed by a further month of treatment on a much lower dosage via Gastro Pro Extend; then should your horse prove to be one of those that benefits from on-going gut support then SFM Pro is the product you need.  Gastro Pro is not to be confused with a similar product from another company. 


GIVEN OUR line of work obviously we are generally of the opinion that correct musculature is built through an appropriate training programme over a period of time - there is no quick fix.  However in some [veterinary] diagnosed conditions the muscles can do with a little extra nutritional support over and above what can be derived from a diet high in quality protein. Muscle support from Equine Exceed

SUCH AN  instance would be if a horse has suffered a degree of atrophy particularly behind combined with a pelvic tilt and/or rotation so it is important to build some strong muscle quickly in order to help hold the pelvis square.  Of course this is achieved by correct work but not everyone has the right skills to be effective quickly enough so an extra "boost" can be helpful to avoid a string of chiropractic treatments. 

OLDER horses can struggle to maintain muscle due to the absorption of nutrients not being as efficient so an extra boost can help keep them in great shape.  Muscle Balance can also be helpful with developing young horses particularly weaker individuals or those with a big frame to support. 





THERE are countless articles written concerning the training of horses that are of a more stressy disposition or are a bit spooky.   The horse which is constantly shying or is distracting is a horse that is not paying attention to its rider so this is a matter to be addressed by training ... of the rider!  However for the horse that gets itself a bit wound up, is just of more of a "hot" temperament, needs its confidence rebuilding following an unpleasant experience or is to be introduced to a new experience then the administration of a "calming" product can be useful if not for the use, the rider!   

THE RANGE on the market is pretty extensive and "yes" what works for one horse does not necessarily work for another due to how individuals metabolise so it can be a costly exercise finding out what works for your horse.    Over the years we have been asked to trial numerous products with varying results from "non-existent" to "hmm ok, it did make a snip of a difference" but we have to say that the most consistent results on a greater number of horses has been from Calmer Bites and Cool Bites.. 

Calmer and Cool Bites from Equine ExceedBOTH PRODUCTS  are in the form of a treat which is ideal for horses during excitable or stressful situations such as competitions, clipping, box rest, loading, traveling, hacking, farrier and dentist visits.  They help to keep a horse calmer and more focused without affecting the ability to perform. Unlike so many calmers on the market today they are not magnesium or calcium based but L-Tyrosine based which is a natural mood stabiliser.  The difference between the two products is that the Cool Bites have a higher level of L-Tyrosine and are mint flavoured whereas the Calmer Bites are fenugreek flavour. 

THE BITES are so convenient as you don't have to remember to add to the feed for several days to effect a loading or wonder if you have a horse received enough if he has a tendency to push feed out of its feed bowl and onto the floor - just give a bite (or 2) approximately 30-45 minutes before you need "calm" and that's it - simples with the effects lasting 3 - 4 hours (safe to top up with another after 3 hours).   


EVERY horse is different so will metabolise at different rates as well as having varying levels of pre-existing levels of serotonin. Thus some horses may benefit from 1 Bite the night before an event, 1 again in the morning and 1 approximately 45 mins before - and some horses may benefit from more than one at a time.

NOTE: As the Bites do contain molasses if your horse has EMS or is laminitis-prone do not feed on a regular basis or in larger quantities - opt to feed Calmer Pro instead which is in powdered form for addition to feeds. .




GENERALLY speaking if a horse has a well-balanced diet comprising of different forages and feeds fed an optimum levels so as to provide the correct levels of nutrients then the additional of supplements to the diet should not be necessary unless a horse is proven to be deficient in something.  However whilst foods high in oil such as linseed and also alfalfa,  due to it being such a superb quality protein are highly recommended additions to the diet to support joints, tendons and ligaments, if a horse has had an joint or leg injury or is diagnosed with a degenerative joint condition supplementary nutrition can be of great benefit in supporting these compromised structures whether by helping with blood flow, supplying extra nutrients, the repair process and in some instances regeneration, 

Supple Xtra and Nutra Pro from Equine ExceedEQUINE EXCEED have produced two excellent products to support the locomotory structures of the horse in Supple Xtra and Nutra Pro; 

SUPPLE XTRA is more recognisable as a "traditional" joint supplement as it contains the familiar ingredients of MSM, chondoitin and Glucosamine but obviously with other important ingredients in the mix, whereas Nutra Pro promotes the production [synthesis] of collagen which is an important constituent of cartilage which is the cushioning - shock absorbing mechanism - of joints.  

IF LIKE US you are not in agreement with giving horses supplements which contain animal derivatives [chondroitin and glucosamine are derived from shellfish shells - although there are vegan versions of glucosamine for human use derived non-animal sources] them opt for Nutra Pro.  



  • As horses are individuals the Equine Exceed will ensure you get the right amount for your horse according to your horses criteria. We can also send you data sheets and bespoke feeding guidelines.
  • Equine Exceed products are competition safe and do not contain any known Prohibited Substances in accordance with the FEI Prohibited Substances List.
Other companies offer products with very similar names and may be marketing their products with equally similar wording too. It is the actual % to % formulations of the individual ingredients contained within a product which are the key to success of the Equine Exceed products. So whilst outwardly these alternative products may appear to be the same they are not.



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