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Bedding at its best designed especially for Horses

CORRECTLY bedding a horse is an important management factor and not getting right can cost you more in the long run.  A poor quality bedding not only compromises the respiratory system, but also the limbs and feet, harbours infection and will not encourage your horse to lie down.  Yes we all know horses can sleep standing up but the deep REM sleep is as important to them as it is to us.  A thin, meagre bed is wholly unappealing, soon becomes contaminated resulting in strong odour and wet conditions for horses to stand in - as well as providing you with smelly rugs and a smelly horse!   We feel very sorry for horses that have a few handfuls of shavings scattered in the corner on rubber mats.  Mats whilst infinitely better than laying on concrete do not provide the comfort and support that a bedding should and most certainly to do not combat the issue of ammonia which is so harmful to the lungs and feet. There is also the "splash" situation with some geldings who quite understandably do not like this. 

WHILST no-one can deny that there is nothing to beat the look of a stable bedded up with straw especially on a wet and wild winter's night, the use of straw is just not practicable or feasible for many yards and individual owners.  Indeed we used to bed on straw but as farming changed with a desire for much shorter straw and the British summers deteriorated meaning harvesting became a battle against the elements it became harder and harder for us to source straw of a quality that we were prepared to use so the quest for alternatives began.   Having experimented with a wide range of products including paper it was BEDMAX that came out tops for us. 


WHY - What makes BEDMAX our number one choice?

  • The large flakes kind of interlock to provide a very comfortable, springy bed, soft bed which encourage horse to lie down and get good quality rest.  It is probably hard to believe that the shavings are actually made to have this benefit.
  • The bedding provides support to the limbs and joints as well as the feet  [most important for frog health and of great benefit with laminitics] as well as ensuring against capped hocks and elbows.  
  • This support is of great benefit for horses with limb injuries and of course there is no risk of bedding getting caught around the legs as there is with straw.
  • Made from pine which is a natural disinfectant a BEDMAX bed provides a healthy, hygienic environment.
  • During the manufacturing process the shavings pass through dust-extraction 3 times so are dust free which is of particular importance for horses with any respiratory conditions
  • No red wood is used, just pine, so no danger of horses ingesting any harmful toxins if they have a rummage or nibble
  • Pine also contains antibacterial properties which help to combat the harmful properties of ammonia which not only can damage the lungs but also attacks the walls of the hoof. 
  • BEDMAX shaivings are dried but not 100% so they do retain a degree of moisture which is important for hoof health as a hoof that dries out too much becomes a brittle unhealthy hoof. 
  • Each bale of shavings actually contains some much smaller flakes - by design.  These smaller particles gravitate deeper into the bed absorbing moisture so that the top surface of bedding remains dry.
  • Of all the shavings we have tried we find BEDMAX to be the most hard-wearing and durable which, as we usually have a few horses box-rest,  is an important factor
  • We find BEDMAX retain their colour for longer so the beds look fresh; some bedding looks soiled as soon as it is put down!.  
  • And we love the fact that BEDMAX composts so well - great for the garden; and if spread on the garden pre-composted it makes a super mulch that not only keeps the weeds at may, retains moisture in the summer but feeds the soil as well as it breaks down.. 

OF COURSE a shavings bed is much quicker to muck out and easier to manage so is much less labour intensive.   

AND IT is an absolute myth to say that shavings cannot be banked up against the walls for additional protection - because they can!  

IF A HORSE has to be on box-rest he wants the best possible environment so that he remains comfortable and happy.  If the box-rest is consequent upon an illness horses often feel tired and weak so a bedding that encourages a horse to lie down is very important.so that he can rest.   

 IT IS LITTLE wonder that BEDMAX are the choice of professionals up and down the country as well as a host of  small yards and individual owners. 


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