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Set out below is our Privacy Policy, Conditions of Use of this website and our business Terms and Conditions.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further explanation or clarification.


  Privacy Policy and GDPR Compliance

English Law applies to this Privacy Policy.  Any dispute which may arise from the Privacy Policy falls under the jurisdiction of the English Courts as English Law in applicable.



Equine Management and Training is committed to ensuring protection of your personal data and that your privacy is protected. This Privacy Policy sets out how we use and protect any information that you provide when contacting us, using our services or visiting this website. We believe we have taken all possible reasonable steps to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 (and any other such similar legislation) and GDPR,  

Your rights are clearly stated. 

Personal Data

Your personal data is the information obtained from you which initially facilitates communication between us. Such data will initially comprise your name, email address and/or a contact telephone number. No further personal information will be requested unless you wish to actually conduct business with us. 

When you become a client of Equine Management and Training your full name and a residential address will be required. Depending on the nature of the business between us further information may be required such as an equine passport and veterinary records.

A payment method will be agreed between us; this can be via BACS or credit card. With regards to credit card information, information given to effect payment if you are not present is not stored so you will be required to provide the details at any time a payment is due. Please be advised that we are PCI compliant with WorldPay. 

What do we do with your personal data

  • The data as outlined above comprises our client records i.e. the service/services provided
  • If we request any further information from you with regards to your health and lifestyle this will purely be in the interests of addressing behavioural, physical and/training issues with your horse. We will ask for permission to share such information with any professional associate of Equine Management and Training if we believe this is necessary as part of the process for best resolution of the above named issues. 
  • Part of our business package is the provision of an “after-care” service enabling us to offer on-going help and support. So for such purpose we do retain email addresses and contact telephone numbers.
  • Retention of your email address also enables us to advise of any promotions, new products or similar which we consider you may find of interest or use

If you do not wish to have the benefit of either of these services please send an email asking that we cease on-going customer care so that we can remove your email address and telephone number from our records.

However if at any time there has been a financial transaction between us then your name and address will remain within our invoicing records [in accordance with HMRC requirements]..Your full name and address are required for accountancy purposes with regards to HMRC obligations.

  • Personal data will be passed to a law enforcement agency if we are requested so to do in respect of suspected criminal activity or to prevent such activity
  • Personal data will be passed to an appropriate third party agency if we have reason/need to protect and/or defend our rights and property or that of our users,

Protecting your Data

Equine Management and Training has done all that is possible to comply with Data Protection Regulations. 

Equine Management and Training have appropriate measures in place to protect your data whether given to us by you and collected online.[electronically] Data is protected via physical and electronic approved applications from unauthorised access, disclosure, use, alteration or loss. All forms of electronic data protection are password protected and regularly updated. 

  • Only the Partners of Equine Management and Training have routine access to your personal data.Only such data that we are required to do so for compliance with HMRC is passed to a third party,- and this being for accountancy purposes
  • Equine Management and Training does not subscribe to any mailing lists; information is not passed or sold to any third parties such as marketing agencies.
  • At no time will your personal data be passed to any individuals, companies or agencies without your prior permission unless we are required to do so by any law enforcement agency.

Please bear in mind however that electronic transmissions are exposed to an element of risk whatever security measures are implemented.  You may prefer not send any personal data we require via the internet.  

Your Rights

Data Protection Law and GDPR gives you rights with regards to your personal data.:

  • You may at any time ask that we provide you with a copy of the personal data we hold
  • You can request that any incorrect data is corrected
  • At any time you can request that we remove from our records, whether physical or electronic, any or all of your personal data. However we will have to retain certain information such as that required for us to maintain records for HMRC .i.e. copies of invoices sent to you. This we must do for a period of 6 years

Requests for any or all of the above should be sent in writing to:

Equine Management and Training
Marnham House
Lattimer's Paddock

  • Even though you may have previously given consent, you can at any time withdraw such consent to receive marketing communications from us by using the opt-out option on such communications. 

Using this website

This Equine Training website is hosted in the UK. The company responsible has measures in place not only to protect this website but also its visitors against viruses, spyware and malicious attack.  

  • Our website does not offer any form of interactive service nor can purchases be made directly from the site which in itself serves to limit data vulnerabiity.
  • No personal data is collected during the course of visits to this website other than that required should you elect to contact us via the Contact Form.

Information about website cookies is provided in accordance with EU Cookie Law. For more information on this regulation please visit https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/guide-to-pecr/cookies-and-similar-technologies/.  Information about cookies in general can be found at http://www.allaboutcookies.org.

This website does use cookies but most browsers do allow you to block some or all cookies by adjusting browser settings.. However if you do block cookies your browsing experience may be affected. Use of this website is deemed to be acceptance of the use of cookies. 

In simple language a cookie is a little text file which is created and then stored on in the browser directory on your computer when you visit a website - if the website has cookies that is. It is given an ID tag which the website similarly stores so that your movements within a website are recorded. There is nothing wrong in this as it merely enhances your browsing experience. However cookies do track your browsing history so if you consider this impacts on your privacy you should adjust your browser setting . 

Be assured that a  cookie cannot access any personal information about you other than recording sites and pages within sites you have visited unless you have voluntarily provided any further information such as an email address [if say when ordering a brochure]. 

  • In the case of this website as a login is not required no information about you is collected other than the IP address at the time. The IP address does not identify you
  • A Firewall is installed which does record IP addresses for the purposes of security functions. These addresses are deleted a month after your last visit.
  • The Firewall does also set a cookie. This tracks bots and differentiates between website administrators and site visitors.
  • We do have in place Google log cookies [performance cookies] from Google Analytics. This allows us to analyse data regarding which pages of the site are visited and with what frequency so as to assist in website development and improve user experience.  These logs do not collect any information that permits a site visitor to be identified. For more information on these cookies please read the Google privacy policy

You can opt out of being  tracked by Google Analytics by visiting http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout

  • We will not use cookies to collect personally identifiable information 
The Contact Form

This automated form only asks that you provide your name (and this can just be a christian name) and an email address; provision of a contact number is optional. 

The browser and operating system used at the time of submission of the Form is recorded but this is purely for troubleshooting purposes should problems be experienced with the functioning of said Form. 

Website Links

Within our website there are links to external sites which we consider may be of interest to some of our visitors.  We advise that we have no control over such other websites so you visit them at your own risk; we cannot be responsible for your privacy and protection of your personal data when visiting external sites so you should exercise caution. Our privacy statement cannot and does not govern websites not controlled and run by Equine Management and Training.


We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy. Please check periodically for any changes.
Dated: 25th May2018


Terms of Use for this Website

This website is copyright protected. No material whether written or photographic may be used without our prior consent. 

You cannot link to this website without our prior consent

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